Success starts with ensuring that
the right people have the right information.

That’s why Your meaningful information deserves to be shared and heard.

We’re aware of the struggles involved
in getting heard through the noise

Media never writes about us

Low engagement leads to low productivity

Need to boost reputation

Diverse workforce complicates communication

Complex corporate structure creates barriers

Significant corporate events needing employee alignment

New initiative needs to be rolled out




MARKETING & communication

Your brand and views deserve to be seen and heard. Our media relations services help you create and maintain a strategic communications strategy to ensure the leverage of every opportunity available for exposure to the right audience.




Copywriting & Publication

In this digital and media driven era, communication can certainly be a tricky matter—especially when it involves a wide variety of interests and targets a broad audience. Be assured that our decade of experience managing communications for industry-leading clients in various sectors means you can count on us to provide the expertise you require to quickly and effectively convey your message.



Linguistic Services

We have been translating messages and documents from one language to another for over a decade, making our team proficient in capturing the context of the source language to provide an accurate translation. With our seasoned translators at your service, you will get more then you pay for.


Our clients







PT Alaksir Cipta Aksara is a Jakarta-based communication consulting firm. Started as an internal division of general contracting company PT Panca Sakti Benua in 2002, we were incorporated in 2009.

We now provide our services for industry-leading clients from diverse sectors, including IT, telecommunications, retail, FMCG, shipping, natural resource, manufacturing and business services. We also work with clients from overseas to help achieve their communication objectives in Indonesia.




Sepenting Apa Dampak Pola Komunikasi di Organisasi?

Apr 08, 2022

Dalam berkoordinasi di dalam perusahaan atau organisasi, pernahkah Anda berulang kali menghadapi persoalan yang sama? Seakan hal tersebut merupakan tradisi yang harus selalu dialami? Bisa jadi permasalahannya terletak pada pola komunikasi yang kurang efektif. Di episode Ála Podcast kali ini, tim Alaksir berbincang-bincang dengan praktisi komunikasi andal, Santi Djiwandono, tentang bagaimana pola komunikasi yang efektif […]

Àla Podcast, Tempat Ngobrol Soal Ngobrol

Feb 18, 2022

Berbicara mengenai komunikasi, tentu tidak terlepas dari interaksi dua arah atau yang dikenal dengan istilah “ngobrol”. Di episode perdana podcast Alaksir yang melaju dengan nama Àla Podcast, kami bersama dengan praktisi komunikasi yang sudah banyak makan asam garam, Santi Djiwandono berbicara mengenai komunikasi internal di dalam sebuah organisasi.  Ingin tahu tentang pentingnya komunikasi internal di […]



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