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When you trust us, you become free to allocate more of your precious time to developing a sound communication strategy.




Your brand and views deserve to be seen and heard. Our media relations services help you create and maintain a strategic communications strategy to ensure the leverage of every opportunity available for exposure to the right audience.

Strategic Services

Companies face new challenges in this digital era, especially as the flood of information from mass media can generate uncontrollable public opinion. Companies require engagement via collaborations with journalists and public authorities, as well as public figures and communities, to anticipate and counter any negative issues that can damage a company’s reputation. Alaksir helps companies build long-term relationships with various stakeholders through strategic partnership initiatives and media relations, including media monitoring. Taking our role to the next level, we also provide a wide range of training programs, from training sessions for designated company spokespersons to media and crisis management.    

Internally, the employees—a company’s most valuable asset—require support in obtaining information to help boost their productivity, including through a company’s internal communication channels. Our team of professionals collaborates closely with clients to develop state-of-the-art internal communication strategies. We don’t stop there, as we also provide support for managing internal communication media and equipping internal communication teams with the necessary tools, which naturally include the success parameters as well as their relevance to achieving a company’s targets.   

What makes your brand different?

Our experienced media relations team allows us to engage the support of influential media partners to ensure your carefully crafted messages gain the exposure they deserve. Through the relevant activities, consumers and stakeholders will find your messages compelling and come to see matters from your perspective.

Media Tracking & Monitoring

Our media relations services include tracking and monitoring conventional media, online news and social media, allowing you to gain valuable insights from developing trends. Delivering reports on a daily and monthly basis, our media analysis team also sends prompt alerts to notify you of any critical news.

Online One Stop Service

Our proprietary Online Media Management application provided at medmon.alaksir.net integrates all our monitoring and tracking services into a single interface. You will be provided with a user name and password to access the application from any location, at any time.


In an era when an abundance of data is available, knowing how to use this data is key. Our team helps compile the data and provides you with media analysis and recommendations to greatly boost your efficiency in developing a communications strategy.

Our creative team transforms your message into a stylish and artistic yet readable piece at an affordable rate.

copywriting & publication

In this digital and media driven era, communication can certainly be a tricky matter—especially when it involves a wide variety of interests and targets a broad audience.

Be assured that our decade of experience managing communications for industry-leading clients in various sectors means you can count on us to provide the expertise you require to quickly and effectively convey your message.

Our team of experienced writers will help you develop the content you need to best convey your message, while our graphic design specialists are in charge of making your message attractive as well as readable. Supporting them are our professional photographers, for times when a picture says more than words can convey.




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Ad copy




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Digital content development


Annual Report


Sustainability Report

With over a decade of experience, we ensure the quality of our work through layered quality control, as well as the use of native speaker editors.


linguistic services


We have been translating messages and documents from one language to another for over a decade, making our team proficient in capturing the context of the source language to provide an accurate translation. With our seasoned translators at your service, you will get more then you pay for.

Our team of experienced writers will help you develop the content you need to best convey your message, while our graphic design specialists are in charge of making your message attractive as well as readable. Supporting them are our professional photographers, for times when a picture says more than words can convey.


Telecommunications, Information Technology, Legal, Automotive & Heavy Equipment, Marketing, Gaming, Hospitality, Banking, and much more.

Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools

We maintain the accuracy and consistency of our translations by utilizing the most advanced CAT tools.

Machine Translation Post-Editing

Although many machine translation tools available today can provide a budget translation work solution, their accuracy varies widely. A few tweaks here and there from our team of translators can help you turn an imperfect translation into a flawless one at a fraction of the cost.


Converting the spoken word into another language is very different from translating, so requires a different set of skills. Our expert team is able to offer services to meet your simultaneous and consecutive interpretation requirements.


Although many speech-to-text apps are now available, the best and most accurate transcriptions still require the input of an expert. This is what we do. Our team of experts can transform the speech in your video or audio files into text with an accuracy score above 97%.


Although it may appear simple, subtitling is a tricky business involving a series of tasks. Inaccurate video subtitles can convey an unintended meaning. Familiar with subtitling tools and tasks, our team ensures your subtitles are always correct.


Transcreation is often considered the ultimate form of translation, as it does not simply convert one language into another but shifts the context into a whole new text that’s completely native to the target language. It is the most effective way to retain message and focus across cultural and linguistic borders.


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