About Us

PT Alaksir Cipta Aksara is a Jakarta-based communication consulting firm. Started as an internal division of general contracting company PT Panca Sakti Benua in 2002, we were incorporated in 2009.

We now provide our services for industry-leading clients from diverse sectors, including IT, telecommunications, retail, FMCG, shipping, natural resource, manufacturing and business services. We also work with clients from overseas to help achieve their communication objectives in Indonesia.



DUDY A. Soedjantoko

Dudy has over a decade of experience providing linguistic services for various clients in diverse sectors as an in-house specialist and a freelancer. His previous responsibilities include as editor in charge of a line of Mizan publishing house publications and overseeing content production at PT HM Sampoerna as an in-house linguistic specialist. Dudy is our chief linguist in charge of Alaksir’s overall operations.

Zili R. Hapsary

A marketer formerly specializing in the corporate and IT consulting industry, Zili holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Indonesia’s business school and trained with the ILP English teaching program. She now manages our key accounts and leads our media monitoring team.

Santi Djiwandono

Santi is a seasoned communication professional, having been involved in developing the organizational communication system and culture of her former employer, PT HM Sampoerna, as well as advising businesses of various size on communication issues. She had been a lecturer on Communications at Ma Chung University in Malang, East Java, and is now an ICF-certified Professional Coach. At Alaksir, Santi provides clients with strategic communication and public relations services.

Rangga Sulistya

Rangga is a professional communicator with extensive experience managing brands and communication initiatives. Before joining Alaksir, he was an account manager with PR firm Marcom-X, where he managed key accounts including Philip Morris and Castrol. In his current role Rangga is responsible for preparing media documents, managing media relations and executing media activities on our clients’ behalf. Rangga holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from the London School of Public Relations.

Susan Evans

Susan is a professional writer, editor and photographer based in Jakarta. After competing her education at Kent College UK and gaining a bachelor’s degree in philosophy of religion, she taught English as a Second Language to university students on several Indonesian islands. At Alaksir, Susan plays a key role in the services we provide to companies and executives related to the creative and correct usage of the English language. Susan is our senior editor and in charge of the final editing of our reports.

Puri Tri Hapsari

Puri’s key roles at Alaksir include assisting clients directly and coordinating media and linguistic analyses. Puri also lectures in translation, TOEFL and psycholinguistics at Pakuan University and STBA LIA. She holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Parahyangan Catholic University and master’s degree in English education from the Indonesian University of Education.

Hertriani Agustine

Hertriani joined Alaksir after establishing a solid career in media intelligence and analysis, and having served as media analyst for JavaPR. A graduate of the Bogor Agricultural Institute in food biochemistry, her primary responsibility at Alaksir is fulfilling clients’ analytical needs and ensuring analyses are presented in the most user-friendly and actionable form. Hertriani previously worked as a freelancer for PT MRT Jakarta, UNDP and Erlangga for Kids, providing these organizations with media and communication services.

Our clients



  • PT Trans Retail Indonesia (Carrefour)
  • SDL plc.
  • EQHO Communications Ltd.
  • UNAIDS Indonesia
  • PT Philips Indonesia
  • PT Caterpillar Indonesia
  • Wordbank Ltd.
  • PT Skypak International (TNT Indonesia)
  • PT Microsoft Indonesia
  • Braahmam Net Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


  • PT Transocean Indonesia
  • WHP International SAS.
  • Dream.co.id
  • Famous.id
  • PT Pembangunan Jaya Group
  • PT Forzaland Indonesia
  • PT Southcity
  • Plaza Indonesia
  • Sophie Paris
  • Zalora

Existing Clients

  • PT Solusi Bangun Indonesia (Holcim)
  • PT Semen Indonesia Tbk.
  • PT Facebook Indonesia
  • PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.
  • PT Nestlé Indonesia
  • PT Danone Indonesia
  • PT Wyeth Nutrition Indonesia
  • PT Abbott Indonesia
  • PT Adhi Karya Tbk.
  • PT Indo Kordsa Tbk.


  • thebigword Holdings Limited
  • Brandt Technologies Inc.
  • Aliansi Masyarakat Tembakau Indonesia
  • KapanLagi.com
  • PT. Unilever Indonesia Tbk.
  • Pepsodent
  • Molto
  • Gallup Indonesia
  • Thomson Reuters Indonesia
  • Alibaba Express


full range of communication platforms

Given the diverse communication options allowed by today’s advanced technology, our team encompasses specialist in conventional media as well as online news and social media.

strategic services

Consumers today endure a constant onslaught of information, It is imperative for marketers and communicators to be able to create curiosity to allow the audience to differentiate your message from others and the right information to be passed on to them.

media tracking and monitoring

Organizations desiring to achieve an impact on society and consumers must keep their finger on the pulse of public opinion and consumer sentiment in order to ensure the continuity of their operations and determine the most appropriate communication strategies.