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Customs and Excise continue to play an active role in optimizing the use of tobacco product excise revenue sharing funds (DBHCHT) in several regions of Java. One of these efforts involves encouraging the establishment of Tobacco Products Industrial Zones (KIHT).

On Tuesday (23/2), Kudus Customs and Excise received a study visit from the East Java Provincial Government who wanted to witness first-hand the conditions at and management of the Kudus KIHT.

Head of the Department of Industry and Trade Office of East Java Province, Drajat Irawan is confident that East Java would be able to develop a KIHT to support and boost the tobacco products industry, as well as facilitate small tobacco products companies to produce cigarettes legally.

Head of the Central Java Customs and Excise Regional Office, Padmoyo Tri Wikanto, said that his team expects that usage of the 2021 DBHCHT budget would be in line with the prevailing regulations for each program. He hoped that the related law enforcement measures, which includes the eradication of illegal cigarettes, dissemination of information, and construction of the KIHT, would be implemented optimally.

Head of the Kudus Customs and Excise Office, Wicaksono, said that his team would be stationed at the Kudus KIHT to provide services and supervision.

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