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In accordance with Depok Regional Regulation No. 03/2014 on No Cigarette Areas (KTR), Head of the Regional Regulation Enforcement Division of Depok City Satpol PP, Taufiqurakhman said officers had monitored 54 retailers, 45 located in the Sukmajaya District area, and found 15 cigarette sellers had violated the laws. He added that 9 retailers were subject to administrative fines of Rp. 50 million for selling cigarettes, openly advertising them and placing cigarette displays close to products for minors such as milk, disposable diapers, and foods. He explained that there are stages to enforcing the Regional Regulation on KTR. First, they will follow up reports received with a reprimand, then monitor them closely for the next 14 days, and finally, if there is no change, will impose a fine. 



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