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The establishment of the tobacco products industrial park (KIHT) received appreciation from local governments of several regions in Indonesia. The KIHT aims to improve the industrial sector while reducing the number of illegal cigarettes in circulation.

Regional Secretary of Jepara Regency, Edy Sujatmiko, welcomed the KIHT program and hoped it could suppress illegal cigarette production in Jepara. As of October 2, Customs and Excise have carried out 41 enforcement measures in Jepara Regency and confiscated more than 5 million cigarettes with potential state losses of Rp3.4 billion.

Central Java and Yogya Customs and Excise Office Head, Padmoyo Tri Wikanto said that the KIHT was an urgent alternative solution to be established immediately in Jepara. The plan to implement a KIHT in Madura by the East Java I and Madura Customs & Excise also received support from the local governments of four districts throughout Madura. Head of the Madura Customs Office, Yanuar Calliandra, said the planned KIHT must be supported by all parties.

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